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in california. why prices are so expensive over the last few days. >> and more american airlines flights canceled this morning. find out if any of them will affect your flight to bwi. >> reporter: well, everything is up to speed here on 83 at shawan road. i will let you know how traffic is shaping up on 95 and the beltway coming up on good morning maryland. >>> thanks for joining joining us. both camps are awaiting new unemployment numbers from the labor department. abc2 news manyly schmidt is in -- emily schmidt is in washington. >> reporter: there are two opposite arguments you can count on hearing when the jobs numbers are released on the first friday of every month. democrats say that the poor economy president obama inherited is improving. republicans say after nearly 4 years in office president obama has not lived up to his promises the and as the election draws near the candidates are laser focus on job creation in their campaign pitches. >> we have a different view about how to create jobs and prosperity. this country doesn't succeed when only the rich get richer. >> i want to ke
in california the league has nothing to do with sports, but it taps into fantasy. charley is at the leave desk to explain. >> they are playing it in piedmont california. it's been going on for six years but they recently found out about it. this is how it works. guys graft girls as part of the league and earn points for documented sexual activity. they are rated for how the male students based how far they would go. school official learned about it during an assembly about date rape prevention n letter sent home to parents the principal wrote most girls don't know they are part of the game. parents from the school say they are shocked by learning about this game but they are pleased to see how the school district is handling it. >> i am glad there's strong administration who is willing to take on the issues. as mother of four girls couldn't be happier. >> in the letter the principal explained alcohol is often involved to impair judgment and control. they said younger students are sometimes manipulated by older ones and social demands need to be played out to earn a more popular role in the gro
injured. it happened outside of fresno, california. the truck which was hauling cotton, failed to yield and slammed in to the train sending three off the tracks. emergency crews worked to stop the diesel fuel spilling from engine, passengers suffered my forto moderate injuries, other passengers were taken to board another train. >>> san diego, super heroes to streets, helping fight crime in the neighborhood. the men may look ridiculous but aim is not a joke. the city heights community seen the spike in crime, members of the extreme justice league are taking to the streets to track down suspects. one officer asked to get a picture with one of the cape crusaders. >>> a female bus driver killed after two school buses collided in the suburb of san antonio, texas. the accident happened monday morning outside of a high school. the sherf's department says the driver of the other bus and two students suffered injuries. the bus drive may have suffered a medical condition before the crash. police are investigating the accident. >>> canada, fire crews kept an eye on a fuel plant where a massive fi
is a former police chief and long beach, california as well as in oakland. he was nominated by the mayor and spent some time in baltimore in summer. the -- in summer. the council is expected to approve the appointment on monday. >>> and listen up because you may have overpaid the water bill and you could be getting some money back. baltimore city officials admit there's nearly 40,000 city water customers who paid too much for their service. they have since been refunded but that's not stopped one official from filing a class action lawsuit. fred con away is speaking monetary -- seeking monetary damages for those affected. it alleges unfair treatment from the city because they allowed businesses to rack up the debt but forced families out of their homes for similar reasons. >>> he's the maryland madoff. that's what if man who brought half of the insurance providers is now calling him. his companies are the center of the maryland insurance administration investigation after hundreds of thousands of dollars wasn't paid from one of his companies to another. goshdy bunch who says she's paled
over the country from as far away as california, and montana and texas. they have come here to help. so we have got the people power that we need. they brought with them a whole bunch of vehicles that we can use for going out into the neighborhoods to distribute food and water and check on people and make sure they are okay. and we have got about 30,000 heater mills to district to folks. so we are ready and we are hoping that we don't need any of this and that people are taking the precautions they need and are ready themselves. >> doug, you mentioned the precautions. this is charley with you now. what can they do? they still have time to maybe pickp provisions. what do they need to get so the responsibility is not so much on the red cross? >> you know, at this point, make sure that you have got a food water and in your house of course but make sure to have a battery of powered radio and take in consideration some of the things that might not be sobvious like a extra supply of prescription medications and think about the folks in your house that have special needs if you have elderly fo
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5